Our New Arrivals Are Here

Decorative Cushions!

100% Pure Silk Satin With Swarovski®

 100% Branded Crystals!

Introducing Decorative Cushions of Nature Art Designs that connects to Colour Chi for wellness and for harmony!

Bright colours make you feel happy, help to bring in joy and make you feel good! 

Colour Therapy for healing, upliftment, relaxation and energy!


The Artist, Sylvia Meissner, inspired by Mother Nature illustrates the beauty of the Deva Kingdom to showcase to the World her pioneering vision of

“Colour Medicine for the 21st Century through her art into fabric.”

The purpose and mission behind her works is to help to advance mankind’s spiritual evolution towards a plane of higher consciousness.

Her message behind her creativity is for “Mankind to take Responsibility to become the Green Keepers of the Earth!”

*Prices Effective 1 November 2017 & Subject To Change Without Notice.*

Healing Art Design

Colour Therapy!

Discover Colour Chi for wellness and for harmony!

Pure Silk Satin!

Every design has wonderful prismatic coloured light inspired by Swarovski®  100% Branded Crystals to make these decorative cushions even more beautiful and to showcase the magic world of fairy nature power!

2016-07-04 13.58.23-3.jpg
Blossom Bliss Cushion 65cmx65cm
Water Roses Cushion 51cmx51cm
Garden Of Love Cushion 45cmx45cm
Sunflower Passion Cushion 65cmx65cm
Sunflower Passion Cushion 45cmx45cm
A Field Of Flowers Cushion 65cmx65cm

Decorative Cushions

More Art designs are coming to bring delightful inspiring colours to the home or for any interior. Bright and happy cheerful "Chi Colours" for inner wellness and for harmony, brings in colour therapy that has a functional therapeutic use and a purpose for every living occupant for any space.

Acrylic Art Blocks

The Artist has created these small unique Gifts and Souvenirs that inspire the Colours of Australia. The original hand paintings are her prints that come with an Acrylic Block that can be displayed on a shelf as an Art piece, a paper weight or to add beautiful happy colours to any interior. On the back of every Design is a label with a message of Environmental concern to remind us to look after our precious Earth. Each item comes poly wrapped packed into a White Gift Box. They make a unique gift for any occasion.

Acrylic  Coffee Mats

Each Acrylic Coffee Mat is beautifully designed with a clear shiny surface with the Art print and a label on the back with an Environmental message. They come in a set of 4 pieces that are individually poly wrapped and packed in a White Gift Box.

Corporate Gifts

If you would like your company to give a Special Gift to an overseas association as a diplomatic gesture, please contact us direct and we can organise an order for you with any of the Art Designs or commissioning a piece of Work for you. We can collaborate with your idea's and the theme of a perfect Corporate Gift that has a functional use.